The HxGN Global Live 2022 conference was an extremely useful investment of our time and effort. We can count at least 5 good takeaways from the conference. First, we met the incredible Hexagon team face to face for the first time. We have spoken to many Hexagon team members earlier, but it was great to finally catch up in person. It started with the keynote speech by the CEO on day 1, where he described the sustainability theme in stark detail and set the tone for the conference. We sharpened our knowledge about Hexagon’s offerings and where they are going with technology. It gave us great insights into how Mintmesh can fulfil its place in the larger industrial software ecosystem with our unique offering that complements and helps complete the tech landscape for the engineering procurement and construction industries. We believe that a channel partnership with Hexagon will be a win-win idea with significant value potential for our clients. 1655831373103

We met an assortment of companies that had taken their journey from conception, inception, innovation thru growth with Hexagon and their stories were certainly inspiring and educational, as were the breakout sessions with Hexagon officers and partners alike. This was an opportunity to gain and share innovative ideas and insights.  

The next key activity was the interaction with other leading software providers like Aspentech that have a robust integration with Hexagon to help their customers meet specific goals around concurrent to detailed engineering. It gave us a line of sight into how Mintmesh can integrate with significant interoperability within this landscape to provide even more value around technical bid evaluations and cost estimations. 


Hexagon live provided us and others an opportunity to learn about the latest innovation and developments in this evolving landscape of industrial software for engineering, procurement, and construction industries 

Being a sponsor at Hexagon Live was especially useful as well. We attracted the attention of numerous potential clients and other stakeholders from across the globe. We had visitors from many major EPCs like Bechtel, KBR, Chiyoda Corporation, Hyundai, S&B, Samsung engineering among others. We also had visitors from global software resellers, big 4 consulting firms and system integrators. Most of them were intrigued with the concept of using artificial intelligence to augment decision-making around technical bid evaluations. We are sure we will hear more from them about our proprietary engineering language processing capabilities.  

Another key feature was the warmth and support of Hexagon’s Sales personnel. We had sales leaders from Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Morocco, India and North America visit us, and they were willing to extend their hand with warm introductions to their clients where they believed our product Rudy could add value. 1655917023460

It would be amiss of us if we did not mention the well-orchestrated conference, the hospitality, the food, and the excitement at the Hexagon live conference. Hexagon had interesting events planned for every evening to extend networking opportunities beyond conference hours and ensure participants had a lot of fun. We are grateful to Hexagon for making us feel at home, even though this was our first time at the conference. We made lots of new contacts and refreshed existing relationships.

In total, Mintmesh thanks Hexagon for a great conference and look forward to participating in the next one in 2023.